Interpretation of the Use of “National Food Safety Standards Food Product Standards”


The article interprets the publication and implementation date of the standard in the national food safety standard, the main content and application of the standard.

Food safety standards are the only mandatory food standards. Among them, food product standards generally stipulate product raw materials, processes, technologies and other requirements. Certain products have special characteristics, such as the presence of other hazardous substances or intrinsic quality indicators, and corresponding limits and other necessary technical requirements will also be established in the safety standards. So far, there are 80 food product standards in Chinese national food safety standards. The release and implementation date, scope, terminology and definitions, and technical requirements of the standard have been applied to production control, packaging labeling, product classification, and random inspection in daily applications are essential.

In order to make good use of product standards, it is necessary to systematically understand and master the key content of the standard, understand food classification, process, special remarks, sample pretreatment, label identification, etc., and link with other standards.

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