FSIS Food Safety Guideline for Egg Products

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On September 9, the USDA Food Safety Inspection issued food Safety Guidelines for egg products, which contain information to help factories produce egg products that have been pasteurized, heat-treated, cooled, and frozen to comply with new requirements in the Final rule, the Egg Product Inspection Ordinance.It is suitable for egg products factories.This guideline relates to the final rule "Egg Product Inspection Provisions", 9 CFR 412.2 and 9 CFR sections 416, 417, 500 and 590.

        9月9日,美国农业部食品安全检验发布蛋制品食品安全指南,本指南包含的信息可帮助工厂生产经过巴氏灭菌,热处理,冷却和冷冻的蛋制品,以符合最终规则“蛋制品检验条例”中的新规定。 它适用于蛋制品厂。 该准则与最终规则“鸡蛋产品检验规定”,9 CFR 412.2和9 CFR第416、417、500和590部分有关。

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