How Much Do You Know About Food Labeling in the US?(PART I)

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In order to help everyone better understand the requirements for food labeling in the US, Foodmate will introduce the content of food labeling in detail. The specific contents of food labeling will be introduced in three articles, this articles mainly introduce Identity labeling of food, Net quantity of contents and List of ingredients.


1. Identity labeling of food

1.1 Use of names

The labeling of the food name should first choose the name specified in Federal Laws or regulations; if there is no specified name, the common or usual name of the food can be used; in the absence thereof, an appropriately descriptive name or when the nature of the food is obvious, a fanciful name commonly used by the public for such food can be used.

Standardized products are mainly regulated by 21 CFR PART 130-169, 9 CFR PART 319 and 9 CFR §381.155-§381.174. In addition, 21 CFR PART 102 stipulated many common or usual names for nonstandardized foods, such as "grape juice drink".

1.2 Position on a label

The food name shall be presented in bold type on the principal display panel, shall be in a size reasonably related to the most prominent printed matter on such panel, and shall be in lines generally parallel to the base on which the package rests as it is designed to be displayed.

1.3 The name of the imitation food

If a food is an imitation of another food, its label bears the word “imitation” in type of uniform size and prominence and, immediately thereafter, the name of the food imitated, such as "sliced imitation American cheese".

2. Net quantity of contents

Net quantity of contents shall be expressed in the terms of weight, measure, numerical count, or a combination of numerical count and weight or measure. (e.g. 1 gal(3.79L)). Net quantity of contents shall place within the bottom 30 percent of the area of the label panel.

3. List of ingredients

3.1 Use of names

"Ingredients" should be used as term of guidance to lead consumer to the actual list of ingredients. Except for special regulations, various ingredients in the ingredient list shall use common or usual names. For example, we usually use "sugar" instead of "sucrose".

3.2 Order

Ingredients should be listed item-by-item in a descending order based on the individual amount added in the product's manufacturing or processing procedure; ingredients that do not constitute more than 2% of the total product composition can be listed in a random format without following a typical descending order required for other ingredients.

The added water must be indicated in the list of ingredients and listed in its descending order of predominance by weight. If all water added during processing is subsequently removed by baking or some other means during processing, water need not be indicated to an ingredient.

3.3 Position on a label

The ingredient list is placed on the same label panel as the name and address of the manufacturer, packer or distributor. The label panel may be either the information panel or the principal display panel.

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