GACC | Emergency Preventive Measures against 6 Indian companies

On June 10, 2021, the General Administration of Customs took emergency preventive measures against 6 Indian companies, due to the positive nucleic acid test of COVID-19 in 9 samples of 5 batches of frozen Headless Penaeus Vannamei and 2 samples of one batch of frozen Hailtail from India. The national customs suspended the acceptance of Indian seafood manufacturer M/s. Arya Sea Foods Private Limited (Registered number: 1858), M/S. RVR MARINE PRODUCTS LIMITED (Registered number: 805), LIBERTY FROZEN FOODS PVT LTD (Registered number: 976), M/s. Jagadeesh Marine Exports (Registered number: 999), M/s. Nezami Rekha Seafoods Private Limited (Registered number: 467) and M/s. Vanita Cold Storage (Registered number: 1110) import declaration for one week from June 10. Product declaration will resume automatically after expiration.

        因从进口自印度5批次冻去头南美白对虾的9个外包装样本和1批次冷冻带鱼的2个内包装样本中检出新冠病毒核酸阳性,按照海关总署公告2020年第103号的规定,全国海关自即日起暂停接受印度水产品生产企业M/s. Arya Sea Foods Private Limited(注册编号为1858)、M/S. RVR MARINE PRODUCTS LIMITED(注册编号为805)、LIBERTY FROZEN FOODS PVT LTD(注册编号为976)、M/s. Jagadeesh Marine Exports(注册编号为999)、M/s. Nezami Rekha Seafoods Private Limited(注册编号为467)和M/s. Vanita Cold Storage(注册编号为1110)的进口申报1周。

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