Food labelling Compliance Service

1. Introduction

Food labeling is a carrier for companies to directly display product information to consumers, and food labeling compliance is an important part of food compliance. Nearly 50% of food judgment cases are labelling problems.

Foodmate provides food label review and consulting services to solve corporate pain points. The services mainly include food label review and food label compliance analysis, design and consulting. In addition, Foodmate has established a label review management system. Companies can use the system to customize the review process, improve the transparency of label review, standardize all links. The system can help companies control the risks caused by unqualified label.

2. Label Review Management System functions

Label project management:

Label projects can be established, tracked, closed, and archived to form a complete project life cycle management and improve the efficiency of project management.

Label review:

based on the requirements of GB 7718 and GB 28050, the types of problems frequently encountered in label review are extracted. Therefore, the filling of review comments is more targeted, and it also facilitates the analysis and sorting of labels.

Label review tool:

Including distance measurement, size, color picking, magnification, annotation, etc., which facilitates the review work. In addition, the system can provide feedback on a certain area of the picture to make the feedback more accurate.

3. Our services

Foodmate provides customers with professional label review and analysis services, and provide formal inspection and compliance analysis services. Our service has the following advantages:

Comprehensive inspection: According to the laws and regulations and all standards involved in the product to review and put forward reasonable suggestions.

Resource advantages: Relying on a powerful regulatory database to ensure the comprehensiveness and accuracy of the review.

Professional advantages: Senior experts, who are familiar with regulations and standards and have rich corporate experience.

Staff advantage: Professional standard research team.

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