Food Formula Compliance Service

1. Introduction

Determining the compliance of food formulas is the primary factor for product compliance. Generally, companies need to conduct compliance audits on ingredients when developing new products. Food formula compliance review includes the review of food raw materials, food additives, and nutritional supplements, which are divided into qualitative compliance reviews and quantitative compliance reviews.

Foodmate has independently developed Food Compliance Determination System to provide food companies with a one-stop safety compliance management solution and provide enterprises with intelligent services for formula compliance, nutrient compliance, and quality index compliance for all categories of products such as general food, special dietary food, and health food.

2. Food Compliance Determination System

The system consists of four modules, namely product management module, formula compliance module, nutrient compliance module, and quality index compliance module.

Product management module

Provide online management of products for enterprises, view the progress of product-related compliance work, and obtain compliance data from all aspects of product formula, nutrients, and quality and safety indicators.

Formula compliance module

Input the product formula, a qualitative or quantitative judgment on the compliance of the product ingredients will be outputted. The system will also give the judgment conclusion, judgment basis and formula modification suggestions, and the formula compliance research and judgment report can be downloaded.

Nutrient compliance module

According to the requirements of the relevant standards for the nutrition label of prepackaged foods, the nutrients that need to be compulsively labelled and the relevant provisions of the nutrition ingredients in the nutrition label are judged for compliance, and the nutrition ingredient table that meets the requirements of the standard can be derived.

Quality index compliance module

Perform compliance judgments on the test values of each item in the product inspection report, give the compliance/non-compliance conclusion and basis for each item, and provide technical support for the index compliance of the final product.

3. Our services

Foodmate provides customers with professional food formula compliance services. Our service has the following advantages:

Powerful standard and regulatory data support;

Scientific and professional research and judgment methods;

The system is easy to expand, can access and output interface services, forming a joint solution;

Provide customized solutions for the actual needs of enterprises.

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