Food Safety Tracking Service

1. Introduction

The food safety public opinion tracking service helps customers obtain the latest industry trends in a short time and pay attention to information that is valuable to the enterprise, such as high-risk food safety risk factors, high-incidence time, regions, manufacturers, etc., which is helpful to analyze potential internal risks and facilitate the efficient acquisition of basic information for corporate compliance management.

2. Service feature

Real-time tracking of domestic and foreign laws, regulations and standards related to the food industry, government regulatory measures, random inspections and administrative penalties, domestic and foreign hot spots, industry trends, and popular science information.

Covering products and raw materials, additives, packaging materials, nutrition and health, import and export, and other information, big data screening and information matching according to the dimensions of customer attention, targeted push and real-time warning of key information.

Foodmate provide services according to clients’ requirements such as daily news pushing, summary of key points weekly and monthly interpretation report.

3. Coverage scope

Mainland China/Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions, international organizations (ISO /WHO /FAO /Codex, etc.), mainstream English-speaking countries (EU, United States, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, United Kingdom, etc.), other language-speaking countries (Japan, South Korea, Russia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, etc.).

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Business Division of Food Safety and Regulatory Compliance of Global Foodmate provides food standards & regulations research, labelling compliance consulting/Chinese label design, industry public opinion monitoring and analysis, registration services (of Infant formula, FSMP, Health food, Novel Food Ingredients, Novel Food Additives, New Varieties of Food-Related Products and Overseas manufacturers of imported food) and other comprehensive food safety solutions for domestic and overseas enterprises and institutions in food industry. 

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