GACC | Rejected Imported Foods & Cosmetics in April 2021

According to the monthly notice of unqualified foods and cosmetics by GAC, 157 batches of imported foods and bactches of cosmetics were found unqualified and refused for entry in April 2021.

Unqualified foods came from 29 countries or regions. Products from Thailand, 19 batches, were the most, followed by Vietnam and Hong Kong, China, with 16 batches. The unqualified products involved bird's nest drinks, syrup (edible), frozen hairtail, canned mackerel, etc.

The foods refused for entry did not comply with China’s laws and regulations. The main reasons of rejection were unqualified labels (the most), microbial contamination, inconsistent cargo certificates, failure to provide certificates or certification materials as required, failure to obtain inspection and quarantine access, food additive use problems, etc.

Statistics also show that Shenzhen Port detected the largest number of unqualified foods, with 36 batches.

In addition, 5 batches of cosmetics were not allowed to enter the country. The reason for the non-entry are unqualified labels and lead excessive.

The above-mentioned unqualified foods and cosmetics had been returned or destroyed at ports, according to GACC.

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