Guidelines for Hygiene Registration of Egg Processed Products and Dairy Products Companies in Korea

Since South Korea also implements registration management for processed egg products and dairy products, Chinese egg processed products and dairy products companies need to obtain registration qualifications before they can export to South Korea.

Today, I will share with you the registration requirements of Korean egg processed products and dairy products companies.

1 Types of products registered in South Korea

South Korea implements registration management for overseas food manufacturers that export egg processing and dairy products to its territory. Its competent authority is the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Agency (MFDA).

2 South Korea Registration Laws and Regulations for Livestock Enterprises

Since 2016, South Korea has successively promulgated and updated laws and regulations on imported food, such as the "Special Law on imported Food Safety Management" and "Implementation Regulations of the Special Law on imported Food Safety Management". At the same time, the MFDA issued relevant supporting regulations to further clarify the registration process of foreign companies.

2.1 Legal

(1) Food Sanitation Law
(2) Special Law on imported Food Safety Management
2.2 Announcement and technical requirements

(1) Detailed Rules for the Implementation of the Special Law on imported Food Safety
(2) Details standard for Livestock import hygiene assessment program
(3) On-site inspection methods and standards for overseas production plants and overseas workplaces
(4) Regulations on overseas factory registration
3 Registration process for South Korea

To apply for a South Korean registered company, you first need to file an export food production company at the customs, conduct a self-assessment in accordance with the relevant requirements of my country and South Korea, and apply to the local customs through the external recommendation module of the "Chinese Export Food Production Enterprise Filing Management System". After passing the review by the directly affiliated customs, the General Administration of Customs will uniformly recommend to South Korea.

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