Chile intends to amend food hygiene regulations

On September 8, 2021, the Chilean Ministry of Health issued Supreme Decree No. 977/96, which proposed to amend the Food Sanitation Regulations. The feedback period is until October 22. The main revisions are:

(1) In Article 203, Adding milk must add fortified vitamins in the following ways: liquid/liquid dairy products: single dose of 1μg/100ml. Milk powder products for rehabilitation: single dose of 510μg/100g;

(2) Add a new subsection at the end of Article 350: "The flour must be added with at least 2.25μg/100g of vitamin D3, and the maximum shall not exceed 40%.";

(3) Add after Article 481: "Plant beverages (substitutes for milk and its products), such as almonds, sesame seeds, oatmeal, soybeans, rice, coconuts, chickpeas, quinoa or their mixtures must be fortified with vitamin D3 in a single dose of 1μg/100ml."

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