Health Food Registration

1. Introduction

Health food refer to food products which are claimed to have certain specific health functions or can supplement certain vitamins and/or minerals, and have been legitimately licensed for the same. In other words, the foods are suitable for certain people to help them improve body functions without the purpose of therapy, and will bring no acute, sub-acute or chronic harm to human body.

Health food has different names and definitions in different countries. Such as Food supplement (EU), Dietary supplement (USA), Natural Health Product (Canada), Health Functional Food (Korea), and Food with Health Claims (Japan).

With the strengthened awareness of health caused by aging and environmental pollution in China, health food market will increase to RMB500 billion in 2021. Since 2016, all domestic and import health foods should register and file to State Administration for Market Regulation.

2. Product scope

In China, Health Food are often classified into two types: Nutritional Supplements and Functional Health Food.

Nutritional Supplement: Food that provides the vitamins and /or minerals but without providing energy or other active ingredients, which include Vitamin, CoEnzyme Q10, Calcium tablets, etc.

Functional Health Food: Food that labeled with health function claim has physiological effects on the human body.

According to the Health Food Registration and Filing Management Measures (2020 Revision), the production and import of health food should apply for registration or filing. The differences between registration and filing are shown in the following table.

3. Related laws/regulations/standards for Health Food in China

4. Registration Procedures

5. Dossier Requirements for Registration

documents required for health food registration

Additional document needs for imported health food registration

6. Filing Procedures

7. Dossier Requirements for Filing

documents required for health food filing

Additional document needs for imported health food filing

8. Our services

Foodmate provides technical support and audit ancillary work for the registration work of the customer, and it may include the following content:

Coaching rectification: coach the customer to perform the identification, arrangement, typesetting, etc.

Preparation of registration materials.

Expert audit: organize relevant experts in the industry to overall audit the customer company site and related materials, and issue audit opinions.

Material declaration: improve the registration materials, and declare online and report on-site to the relevant departments.

Material correction guidance: guide the client to make material correction and revision after receiving the correction opinions issued by review institution.

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