Food Labeling Compliance Seminar in Guangzhou


On July 27, 2020, the State Administration for Market Regulation issued the "Measures for the Supervision and Administration of Food Labeling (Draft for Comment)". On August 31, the National Health Commission issued a draft of GB 28050 standard to solicit public opinions.

In order to better help food companies understand the developments and requirements of relevant laws and regulations on food labeling, Foodmate invited senior industry experts to hold the "Food Labeling Compliance Seminar".


Guangzhou, Guangdong / Live broadcast


December 17-18, 2020

【Main Content】 

1. Changes and highlights of key content of GB 7718 standard revision

2. Changes and highlights of key content of GB 28050 standard revision

3. Interpretation of GB 13432 standard and case study of label compliance

4. Changes and highlights of key content in the revision of the "Measures for Food Labeling Supervision and Administration" (draft)

5. Analysis of domestic food label nutrition label compliance and classic case study

6. imported food label compliance management and case study

7. Case study of "Food Safety Law", "Advertising Law" and other regulations and standards on advertising language regulations

8. Complaint and report handling skills and case study

Live broadcast:

Individual: 1600 yuan/person;
Group: 1300 yuan/person for 2 people or more.

Offline communication:

Individual: 1800 yuan/person;
Group: 1500 yuan/person for 2 persons or more.

Note: Fees include registration fee, data fee, tax point, etc. After the training, a "Label Compliance Training Certificate" (electronic version) will be issued

Registration Method: Use Wechat to scan the following QR code to register, or email us via global_info@foodmate.net


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